29 April 2021
29 April 2021, Comments Comments Off on Volkswagen teases details of next Multivan with sketch of new seating system
Volkswagen teases details of next Multivan with sketch of new seating system

Volkswagen is gradually releasing details of the new Multivan due to be launched later this year, such as a new seating system that it says will give the new Multivan the most flexible interior system that a Bulli has ever had.

The Multivan, first launched in 1985, is the luxury people carrier version of the Transporter van that so many campervan conversions are based on. It can be used as a family MPV, business shuttle, sports gear transporter, removal van, camper with sleeping space – it’s a vehicle with flexibility in its DNA.

The all-new model will have the same feel and practicality as any Multivan: a high seating position in the front and up to five movable/removable individual seats in the back. The second row of seats can be rotated by 180 degrees, allowing the rear seats to be arranged in the sociable face-to-face arrangement. This format has been a winning formula for over 35 years. Generation by generation it has become even better. Volkswagen says the time is now ripe for another big step: in taking it, the new Multivan will transport the unique interior concept of the T3, T4, T5, T6 and T6.1 into the future.

Albert Kirzinger, Head of Design at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, explains why flexible seats and a middle seat that is both movable and removable are so important for a Multivan: “It is wonderfully practical. And a car is practical, if it can be used flexibly. To that end, we’ve created a new seating system. You can easily take seats out to get your sports equipment, mountain bike and/or surfboard into this generously proportioned space. With these seats, everything is possible in the new Multivan.”

The new Multivan will have only individual seats – the full-width bench seat on the third row has been done away with. At the same time, the new individual seats of the second and third rows have become lighter so they can be moved extremely quickly and also taken out and put back in with ease. That’s because Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has redeveloped the track system as well. It is now an end-to-end system from the back through to the second seating row. That makes arrangement of the seats more flexible than ever.

Since the three-seater rear bench has given way to individual seats, it will be possible in future, for example, to simply remove the seats on one side of the vehicle or to seamlessly push the middle seat of the third row forward to just shy of the first seating row for transporting expensive racing bikes or e-bikes.

Since 1985, every Multivan has also had a table on board. This has also been reinvented by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. It is now more functional than ever and can – thanks to the new track system – be docked in any position.