28 March 2024
28 March 2024, Comments Comments Off on Volkswagen prepares self-driving ID.Buzz for the commercial vehicle sector
Volkswagen prepares self-driving ID.Buzz for the commercial vehicle sector

Volkswagen is developing a self-driving ID. Buzz AD for the commercial vehicle sector and mobility and transport services in Europe and the USA.

It has announced a cooperation agreement with the Israeli technology company, Mobileye Global Inc, to develop and supply software, hardware components and digital maps for the self-driving ID. Buzz AD.

Volkswagen is the first vehicle manufacturer to develop an autonomous Level 4 service vehicle for large-scale production. It has already undertaken an extensive road testing pilot phase in Germany and the USA.

The main part of the agreement covers delivery and use of a self-driving system (SDS) for a special version of the ID. Buzz which has been under development for autonomous driving since 2021. It corresponds to the Level 4 definition of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), in which the autonomous vehicle operates self-driving in a defined area such as a city.

The SDS is comprised of various software and hardware components, including two independent high-performance computers as well as 13 cameras, nine lidar and five radar units, each system is capable of producing 360 degree surroundings.

A constant online connection provides the autonomous vehicles with swarm data from other road users about the traffic situation while updating the three-dimensional maps for safe, reliable, and efficient vehicle control.

“Bringing autonomous shuttles on the road in large quantities requires cooperation from strong partners,” says Christian Senger, member of the Board of Management at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, responsible for Autonomous Driving, Mobility and Transport (ADMT): “We are developing the first fully autonomous large-scale production vehicle, using Mobileye’s digital driver.”

The aim of Volkswagen ADMT is to develop the fully electric autonomous  ID. Buzz AD for the use in mobility and transport services starting in 2026.

Mobileye Global Inc. is one of the world’s leading providers of autonomous driving technology as a further development of advanced driver assistance systems. The company specialises in the development of computer-based detection, machine learning, data analysis, localisation and mapping. Its systems use the data of hundreds of millions of production vehicles already on the road today.