16 July 2021
16 July 2021, Comments Comments Off on Yannick Vöhringer becomes third Managing Director of Vöhringer
Yannick Vöhringer becomes third Managing Director of Vöhringer

Yannick Vöhringer (33) has been appointed as an additional Managing Director of Vöhringer, the family-owned company, which celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. He will take over the operational management tasks of the business from Jürgen and Thomas Vöhringer during the course of the year. From January 1, 2022, he will be responsible for day-to-day operations together with his management team.

Yannick Vöhringer was born in 1988. After studying economics, he gained several years of experience in China and in the company. With this early generation change, the family-owned company, is setting its course for the future.

The two former managing directors Jürgen and Thomas Vöhringer will continue to support the new management team in an advisory capacity.

Vöhringer is a pioneer in lightweight innovation. Its premium solutions (lamination, profiles, furniture elements and PU products) are in demand worldwide.

Under the umbrella brand “VÖHRINGER INNOVATIONS TECHNOLOGIE” (V.I.T.) with the products VFLEX, VUNDER TECH, VSTRONG and V3D COMPOSITE, the medium-sized company sets international standards in the future market of lightweight construction.

In addition to the caravan and motorhome market, where Vöhringer is a partner to top manufacturers with its innovative products, the Vöhringer team develops lightweight innovations for other target markets. These include laboratory equipment as well as applications in the areas of office, interior design, trade fair, event and object construction.

At its headquarters in Trochtelfingen, there are eight modern laminating lines are in operation. Vöhringer also has a state-of-the-art carpentry and in addition to this production facility with warehouse and logistics on 35,000 square meters, Vöhringer has another 30,000 square meters of space in Engstingen-Haid and employs 330 people in the Swabian Alb. A further 2,000 employees work in associated companies of Vöhringer Holding GmbH in China, Bosnia, USA, Austria and Germany.