Vitrifrigo is a member of the VAG Group (Vitri Alceste Group), a very important international reality operating in the industrial refrigeration sector. They make refrigerators, minibars and air conditioning systems for hotels and offices, the nautical industry, milk and beverages, campers and caravans and the road transport sector. The company bases its policy on continuous research and development in the design, functionality and performance of their products. With about 250 employees and three production plants located in Italy, Vitrifrigo manufactures refrigerators that are the sum of the perfect balance of state-of-the-art technology and modern taste, equipped with compressors that have always been the byword for guarantee and efficiency. The company is equipped with modern assembly lines, which in the most recent plant occupy 13,000 square metres, a department dedicated to thermoforming with finishing on a five-axis machining centre and a warehouse for storing incoming and outgoing products. The presence of the Vitrifrigo brand is guaranteed internationally by an extensive distribution network. In particular, the North America, Canada and Central America markets are managed by Vitrifrigo America LLC, established in 2005.

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Vitrifrigo s.r.l.
Via Mazzini, 75 - Frazione Montecchio
61022 Vallefoglia (Pesaro e Urbino)
Tel: +39 0721 154 500