TELECO designs, produces and markets a comprehensive range of devices and equipment for the reception of both terrestrial and satellite TV signals. In particular, it specialises in meeting the needs of the camping and leisure sector.
TELECO has its origins in SEL Elettronica, a company established at the start of the 70’s which specialised in the production and commercialisation of TV antennas and amplifiers for home TV systems.
Over the years, the wealth of accumulated experience allowed TELECO to widen its product range and meet the needs of two distinct groups of customers: those requiring a comprehensive range of products for home reception (both individual and centralised systems) and those requiring "leisure" solutions (for campers, caravans, boats etc.).
In this last sector TELECO is now Europe’s leading company.
The comprehensive product range extends from traditional antennas to a full range of satellite devices such as receivers and manually and automatically oriented satellite dishes.
The TELECO brand name is renowned throughout Europe thanks to years of export experience and a constantly competitive price/quality ratio.
TELECO exports to Germany as TELECO GMBH and its customers there can count on expert, direct assistance from local dealers.

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Teleco SpA
Via E.Majorana, 49
48022 Lugo (RA)
Ph.: +39 0545 25037
Fax: +39 0545 32064