Two years from celebrating the 50th anniversary of its creation, today Tecnoform can rely on 200 highly qualified workers and on a past full of entrepreneurial successes which pushed it towards the conquest of the big international markets. The quality of its products comes from a tireless research on the materials and from the development of cutting-edge production processes, in compliance with the strictest standards on quality management. The enormous know-how acquired in design is coupled with the most sophisticated technologies for industrial production which allowed Tecnoform to set the standard both for the style and reliability and competitiveness of its product. At present, Tecnoform manufactures 75,000 furnishings on the European market, which accounts for an overall production of approximately 120,000 recreational vehicles. In Australia the company controls about 80% of the market, and in the United States it supplies leader companies such as Winnebago and Airstream.

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Tecnoform S.p.A
Via del Lavoro, 2
40053 Comune di Valsamoggia (BO)
Località Crespellano
Ph.: +39051376101
Fax: +390513761121
Email: info@tecnoform.com
Web: www.tecnoform.com