SR Mecatronic

SR Mecatronic, founded in 2008, specialises in the design, the development and the production of roof-mounted air conditioning units and durable and reliable satellite dishes and antennas for motorhomes.
Powered at 230 V, the roof-mounted lightweight air conditioning unit features a stylish and very low profile indoors diffuser with a highly effective distribution system, UV filters and a chromotherapy system integrated.
SR Mecatronic antennas are designed to offer unbeatable reliability and long service life. The lifting and aiming motor is of the automotive type and the electronics are based on a high performance unit with excellent sensitivity and bandwidth.
The components are supported by the latest hardware and software technology. Because of this objective and the constant search for innovation, SR Mecatronic has succeeded in offering a range of products for the most demanding customer. Passion and attention to detail, from design to manufacture, guarantee customer satisfaction and a unique travel experience.

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SR Mecatronic
Catalog 2022
SR Mecatronic
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SR Mecatronic Srl
Via Aldo Moro 1-3
40046 Porretta Terme (BO)
Ph. +39 0534 21477