The founder‘s (Mr. Walter Schatt in 1985) target was to establish simple but flexible printing services aiming for superior quality. Performing sucessfully, Schattdecor meanwhile supplies the world’s leading wood-based material- and furniture-industries for 35 years with printed decorative paper, melamine films and finish foils. This way, the family-owned company and its subsidiaries processed around 2.3 billion square meters of paper worldwide. With over 2.500 employees, the group of companies generated sales of around 750 million euros p.a. at a total of 18 international locations.
Through continuous expansion of its product range, Schattdecor has developed from a simple decor printing company to an innovative surface specialist. With many years of experience being a specialist and design expert, the world market leader created innovative printed, impregnated and finished surfaces. Schattdecor designs wood-, stone-, uni- or fantasy-decors for modern areas of life far beyond simple living space. When it comes to surface development, the company focuses primarily on current market requirements but it is at the same time able to tailor the decor production to any specific customer needs. The “Made by Schattdecor” seal of approval stands for a consistently high and internationally uniform level of superior quality.

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Schattdecor AG
Walter-Schatt-Allee 1-3
83101 Thansau, Bayern
Ph.: +49 8031 2750
E-mail: [email protected]