Ravago Industry Solution is a branch of the Ravago group, a fast-growing multinational company with a culture based on family values. Founded in Belgium in 1961 the company is committed to ethical and sustainable business practices and forges strong relationships with its 7,000-strong workforce and 49,000 customers. As part of the Ravago Building Solutions business unit we manufacture and distribute specialised industrial products and solutions across Europe, Turkey, and CIS markets..

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Ravago Building Solutions GmbH
Karl-Hermann-Flach Strasse 36
61440 Oberursel
Web: www.ravagobuildingsolutions.com
Email: [email protected]

Ravago Building Solution UK
Estuary Road
PE30 2HJ King’s Lynn
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 3300 606017
Web: www.ravagobuildingsolutions.com
Email: [email protected]