The company OFOLUX S.r.l. is specialized in the Design and Production of lamps and lighting systems for the Automotive segment for over 30 years. Thanks to the experience over the years, OFOLUX has expanded the range of its products in order to meet the market demand, developing new products for the Marine, Solar Energy and General Lighting segments. OFOLUX is able to carry out the projects in various stages:

  • Design and development of electronic and mechanical components
  • Manufacturing
  • Design and development of custom-made solutions cooperating with the Customer
  • Right from the start, the manufacture of a quality product has been OFOLux's prime objective: all products are in compliance with the current European Standards, which ensures a further guarantee of reliability to the whole production. All products comply with European regulations in the sector. OFOLux has implemented its Quality System achieving the Certificate for ISO 9001:2008. The management of the Company is based on good interpersonal relationship and the showing of proper respect for each and every person, directing all the efforts towards the achievement of top quality.

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    OFOLUX srl
    Via Campo di Maggio 17C
    21020 Brunello VA
    Tel +39 0332.458082
    Fax +39 0332.458770
    Web: www.ofolux.it