For over 40 years, Nobilpan has focused its business on wood finishing techniques. Through the application of thin sheets of coating using PVA, the raw panels assume colours and designs with no limits to the imagination, from traditional wood effects to a metallic, fabric or mural effect. Founded in 1974 thanks to the entrepreneurial insight of Alfredo Pezzali, Nobilpan has evolved and perfected its finishing techniques, making use of a variety of supports (pressed wood, plywood, MDF, chipboard and hardboard) and different decorative films (polypropylene, decorative paper, PVC, HPL and thin CPL laminates). Applications are truly endless, and have increased over time: today Nobilpan’s production no longer focuses just on the furniture sector, as it manufactures products for doors, exhibition stands, interior furnishings for recreational vehicles, mobile homes, ships and boats. Based in the province of Parma, in Emilia Romagna, Nobilpan’s production site measures 7,000 square meters, and the company has around 20 employees, with an annual turnover of about 11 million Euros. In 2000, Nobilpan was awarded UNI EN ISO 9001 certification, and recently also completed its FSC certification for the responsible management of forest resources. Today, Nobilpan’s sensitivity to environmental issues and natural resources is summed up in the “Eco-Friendly by Nobilpan” brand, attesting to the company’s commitment to adopting a wide range of production techniques and best practices aimed at giving real meaning to the value of eco-sustainability.

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Nobilpan S.p.A
Via Partigiani d'Italia, 8
43055 Mezzano Superiore (PR)
Tel: +39 0521 815974
Email: [email protected]