Lesta is a leading Italian technology company, certified in Europe and the USA, in the global RV market of self-learning and self-generating robotic systems for spraying and painting all types of surfaces. The company was established in 2010 by two of its current partners, Emanuele Mazza and Marco Bresciani, both engineers with many years of experience in robotics, together with their investment partner Federico Comini. Lesta is based in Dairago, close to Milan (Italy) and now employs 26 engineers and technicians at its Italian plant, 5 staff in Poland in order to cover the Northern and Eastern European markets and the UK, and has a subsidiary, LestaUsa, in the United States, focusing exclusively to serve the American area. In 2018, Lesta, which was already certified to the European ATEX standards, gained Hazardous Location certification for the USA and Canada, and its catalogue boasts, now, the only self-learning painting robot in the world certified for this market. Lesta’s robots can face innumerable applications and cover all needs of any of the OEMs involved in supplying materials for the RV industry

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Via Damiano Chiesa 42
20036 Dairago (MI)
Tel: +39-0331-430817
Email: info@lesta.it
Web: www.lesta.it