Indel B

Indel B was born in 1967, from a great intuition: to take advantage of the invention of a small direct-current battery powered compressor to produce extremely small refrigerators that can be installed and operated in all the various needs when on the road: recreational vehicles, commercial vehicles, pleasure boats and more. As the years went by, Indel B grew to become a group capable of offering a wide range of products. Not only refrigerators but also air conditioning systems and more to meet the needs for greater comfort in the various target sectors of the companies of the group, including Automotive, Leisure (Nautical and Recreational Vehicles), Horeca (Hotellerie, Restaurant and Cafe). Today, the group is recognised for its history, for its leading market position and for its constant drive to innovate, often being a true trailblazer of products and processes.

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Indel B S.p.A.
Via Sarsinate, 27
47866 Sant'Agata Feltria RN
Tel: 0541 848 711