Decor In Printing for 60 years dresses the furniture with high quality printed and impregnated decorative papers. Decor In Printing aims to realize the ideas of its customers in order to meet the needs of interior designers and architects to “dress up” new and innovative designs. The creativity of the “digir&s” department and high technology translates into proposals appreciated by architects and interior designers, solutions from the extraordinary aesthetic effect designed and engineered to differentiate the offer.
Specialized personnel work with advanced technology facilities that can capture images directly from original materials, change subjects, separate planes, color and variations to reach the final stage of printing cylinders.

Rotogravure printing meets the strictest qualitative and quantitative parameters combined with the utmost flexibility.

Digital printing offers an unlimited color variety and possibility of reproduction of small lots in the beginning phase of the new décor or for cases in which the small lot is needed because of special projects. It allows the reproduction of infinite customizable designs quickly that will embellish and expand the collection.

Accurate quality control puts in place the procedures necessary to analyze and monitor each stage of processing in accordance with the current regulations and to ensure high production standards. The laboratory constantly tests the raw materials to verify their correspondence to the technical parameters. Decor In Printing adopts the procedures necessary to ensure a sustainable economy, in full compliance with the statutory parameters for a conscious choice of protection and integration with the territory. Carefully selected raw materials and working techniques that are cured in each step help to safeguard the environmental impact.

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