Borri is an Italian company specialised in the production of furniture for camper vans and caravans (but also makes traditional and other types of furniture), established in 1951.

Established as a manufacturer of furniture for the home, in 1990 the company began making furniture and furnishing components for caravans, camper vans, holiday chalets, mobile homes and boats, quickly acquiring considerable shares of the market, working with almost every Italian manufacturer and entering into important partnerships with famous foreign brands. Borri's technological growth has always begun by considering the needs and expectations of the company's customers.

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Borri S.r.l.
Località La Zambra – Strada di Poneta, 3
50028 Barberino Tavarnelle - Firenze
Ph.: +39 055 807 31 66
Fax: +39 055 807 31 67
E-mail: [email protected]