Ama Composites

AMA includes AMA COMPOSITES – based in Campogalliano (MO) – born in 2004 to bring the “soft touch” product: composite material used mainly in the internal lining of the automotive sector.

Recreational is a sector in which AMA Composites boasts considerable experience and is able to offer a wide range of thermoformed products, made with great care, quality and originality, collaborating with the best producers in the sector.

Among the various solutions that can be embraced through the use of our technology we can list:

  • Global Design & Engineering
  • Panels in composite material (attic / underbed interior / door panels etc ..), through LWRT technology of direct automotive derivation (great lightness up to 5 times less than normal thermoforming), exceptional aesthetic appearance, dimensional stability in all conditions climate and low investments
  • Internal and external panels made by vacuum thermoforming up to 3 × 2 meters
  • Panels in GRP / GRIT and RTM with foamed resin up to 30/50% lighter than conventional resins
  • Creation of models, molds and templates

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Ama Composite
Via della Repubblica, 7
41011 Campogalliano - MO
Ph.: +39 059 851754