Aguti's knowledge and expertise are about the importance of ergonomic and healthy sitting and adapting to the individual needs of our customers. In order to meet this quality standard, Aguti manufactures in Germany and attaches great importance to close cooperation with customers. In-house designers and a powerful development department are researching innovative products and functional solutions day after day. This allows Aguti to react quickly and makes it a flexible and reliable partner in all areas where individual products are an issue.
Aguti seats are all-rounders in terms of comfort, safety and ergonomics. Tailored specifically to the needs of motorhome travelers, they meet all travel and living requirements. The anatomically adapted contact surfaces for the legs and back guarantee a healthy and body-supported sitting. There is hardly a seat manufacturer that has such a large selection of specifically designed upholstered foam foams. Furthermore, a variety of rotary brackets and seat substructures allows installation in all common vehicle types.

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