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Vetroresina SpA


Established in 1968, Vetroresina SpA manufactures polyester resin laminates reinforced with fibreglass. The huge productive capacity of the company is the result of careful research in the field of composite materials associated with the study and the continuous improvement of manufacturing techniques. To maintain and increase production levels, Vetroresina SpA implemented a major investment strategy and, with the help of advanced technologies and close partnerships with universities and industry experts, it was able to adapt to the changes and new requirements of the market.The sophisticated technological level paired with a particular attention to aesthetics and materials have led to a diversification of products and extended their range and areas of application. Vetroresina SpA has a production capacity of 129 units per day and covers an area of 46,000 mÇ. In June 2000 Vetroresina SpA opened a plant in Brazil, in the state of São Paulo, in order to meet the needs of the South American market, and since May 2008, the company has a production facility in the United States, thanks to which it manages the North American market.



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Vetroresina Spa
Via Portuense, 10
44020 Masi San Giacomo (FE)
Ph. +39 0532 327911
Fax: +39 0532 327110
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.vetroresina.com