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Utility Doors

Utility Doors is a Company born from the union of four people who put together professionalism, experience and aspirations in the field of wooden semi-finished and related materials, aiming to a clientele that deals with the production of interior finishes for the caravan, marine and automotive industry and interior, exterior and armored doors.
Although the Company is born in 2015, its members have been collaborating for decades with both Italian and foreign clients. Our job consists mainly in the production, through innovative machines, of wooden semi-finished coated with laminate, pvc, paper and renolit, created through a continuous cycle pressing, and of wooden semi-finished coated with various qualities and natural essences, created through traditional pressing. We complete our range with some complementary accessories such as drop down seals.

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Via dell’Industria
46030 Pomponesco (MN)
Tel: (+39) 0375 86025
Fax: (+39) 0375 86137
Web: utilitydoors.eu
Email: [email protected]