11 September 2019
11 September 2019, Comments Comments Off on Ute Hofmann appointed as Managing Director at LAIKA
Ute Hofmann appointed as Managing Director at LAIKA

Laika Caravans has appointed Ute Hofmann as Managing Director. André Miethe is now President of the company.

Ute Hofmann started her career at Laika Caravans as Head of Marketing in 2007, after completing studies at the Università di Firenze in Sociology and at Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München in Sociology Media Science, Psychology.

She covers the same role in Carado, Sunlight and Etrusco, before working in Erwin Hymer Group as Head of Strategy & Project Management, and at Movera as Brand Manager.

“My aim is to bring ‘Italianness’ in Laika, giving strength to our motto “Enjoy the Dolce Vita”. We will work on the inner core of the brand, where passion, style, design and traditions meet under the mark of innovation. Not forgetting to focus on our highlights, Ecovip and Kreos product lines,” said Ute Hofmann.

Laika was founded in 1964 and now produces three ranges of motorhomes from its factory in Tuscany, Italy. It is now part of the Erwin Hymer Group.