31 March 2023
31 March 2023, Comments Comments Off on USA RV industry celebrates reintroduction of America’s Outdoor Recreation Act in congress
USA RV industry celebrates reintroduction of America’s Outdoor Recreation Act in congress

The RVIA reports that major news outlets and industry publications are celebrating America’s Outdoor Recreation Act’s reintroduction in Congress.

The first comprehensive outdoor recreation policy package since 1963, the Act prioritizes outdoor recreation on federal lands while balancing conservation needs. It will also grow rural jobs, increase access to public lands, and ensure all Americans can enjoy the many physical and mental health benefits of an active outdoor lifestyle.

News outlets to share the update on America’s Outdoor Recreation Act include Politico Pro, Wyoming Public Radio, SGB Media, and the Register-Herald. Recreation-specific publications are also posting articles celebrating its passage, including the American Sportfishing Association, FishingWire, GearJunkie, Outdoor Alliance, the National Marine Manufacturers Association, and The Outdoor Wire.

The Act’s reintroduction has also made a splash on social media. Posts about the legislation have been shared by the Outdoor Recreation Roundtable, the American Horse Council, the Outdoor Industry Association, and America Outdoors, among many other organizations. 

“Today, Sen Joe Manchin & Sen John Barrasso reintroduced America’s Outdoor Recreation Act, the most comprehensive package of outdoor recreation bills in a generation. Add your name to a sign-on letter to Congress in support of AORA here: http://bit.ly/3YW27Xh,” tweeted the Outdoor Industry Association. 

“America’s Outdoor Recreation Act (AORA) was introduced yesterday in the U.S. Senate. America Outdoors applauds this bill and thanks Sen Joe Manchin and Sen John Barrasso for their leadership to improve the outdoor recreation permitting process. https://americaoutdoors.org/americas-outdoor-recreation-act-introduced-in-senate/,” adds America Outdoors.

In addition, in a press release from the Outdoor Recreation Roundtable, a number of industry leaders expressed their excitement about the legislation. “This is a commonsense, no-cost bill that will help equalize and expand access to green spaces and wild outdoor places in every state in the country,” says Chris Perkins, Senior Director of the Outdoor Recreation Roundtable. “We are seeing unprecedented interest in outdoor recreation, but much of the policies supporting outdoor recreation are outdated, making it difficult for more people to get out and have fun. We need modern solutions that improve infrastructure and access while protecting America’s public lands and waters, and America’s Outdoor Recreation Act is an historic step to update these policies.” 

“America’s Outdoor Recreation Act is crucial to the RV industry and the wider outdoor recreation industry. It remains a significant factor in making sustainable improvements to our nation’s campgrounds and improving the experiences of current and future RVers,” adds Craig Kirby, President & CEO of the RV Industry Association. “In addition, the Act provides greater access to the health benefits offered by the great outdoors and offers an economic boost to both the local and national economy. We would also like to thank Senators Manchin and Barrasso for their steadfast leadership. Our government affairs team will be continuing to advocate in support of America’s Outdoor Recreation Act, and we call on Congress for its swift passage.”

Learn more about America’s Outdoor Recreation Act here.