7 January 2022
7 January 2022, Comments Comments Off on Truma to show its latest Aventa Rooftop Air Conditioner at Florida RV SuperShowtruma
Truma to show its latest Aventa Rooftop Air Conditioner at Florida RV SuperShowtruma

Truma North America will be showing its newest product at Tampa’s Florida RV SuperShow. The Truma Aventa is its first rooftop air conditioner exclusively for the North American market which it says has high-performance and high-efficiency.

“In our research, we found that the same air conditioners are being used on every RV – from entry-level to luxury models. Our goal was to create an air conditioner that brings premium comfort and efficiency and enhances the overall experience for the end-user,“ said Truma North America Business Development Manager, Nick Dunning.

The Aventa has been designed to achieve faster, more energy-efficient cooling. Truma has identified the “Comfort Zone“ as the ideal balance between temperature and relative humidity inside the RV. In head-to-head testing, the Aventa reached the Comfort Zone in just two hours while a competitor unit was unable to achieve the desired temperature and humidity within the six-hour testing time.

By reducing humidity as well as temperature, the Aventa is able to maintain desired interior temperatures using lower fan speed. This, in turn, reduces the interior and exterior noise associated with traditional rooftop air conditioners so RV owners can relax in their cooled RV and still comfortably have conversations or watch a movie without straining to hear. Truma says the ultra-quiet Aventa will not disrupt campsite tranquility or disturb campground neighbours. 

Truma developed the Aventa to have low energy consumption. This allows RV owners to keep their rig comfortably cool without a large current draw. The system was also designed to be efficient enough to work with Lithium-ion systems, which are becoming more popular among RV owners looking to camp off-the-grid.

The Truma Aventa can be seen on select 2022 RVs and at the Truma booth 680 E Midway at the Florida RV SuperShow, January 19th to 23rd at the Florida State Fairgrounds.