6 May 2024
6 May 2024, Comments Comments Off on Truma North America staff celebrate Earth Day
Truma North America staff celebrate Earth Day

Truma North America has been hosting an annual Spring Clean-up Event around Earth Day since 2020. For the past two years, it have partnered with the Parks and Recreation Department of Elkhart, Indiana to focus on giving back to the community it calls home.

These annual events proved to be popular with Truma employees and their families and thereby inspired the company to get more involved.  

When Elkhart launched the Adopt-a-park program in 2023, Truma North America was the first company to sign up. Truma employees volunteer time on a regular basis to keep High Dive Park in Elkhart clean, and we assist in larger projects like the removal of invasive plants and maintaining park facilities.

Earth Day officially happens once a year, but as participants in an industry that promotes outdoor recreation and living, Truma has found that environmental thinking and sustainability are important year-round. It wants to help RV owners experience memorable times outdoors, and that means having clean, healthy environments to do just that.

Corporate sustainability is a company’s conscious effort to make environmentally responsible choices at every possible opportunity. From its earliest days, Truma has prided itself on developing products that allow campers to enjoy the outdoors while being kind to the environment and that spirit has drawn a workforce that is just as passionate.

Truma North America is fully powered by solar energy and utilizes motion-activated lighting and geothermal heating to make their power consumption even more efficient. The landscaping around the building is entirely native plant species and is maintained without the use of chemical pesticides.