21 August 2023
21 August 2023, Comments Comments Off on Truma North America appoints new Vice President Sales and Marketing
Truma North America appoints new Vice President Sales and Marketing

Truma North America has hired transportation industry veteran Tim Williams as the new Vice President of Sales and Marketing in North America.

Williams brings 36 years of transportation and automotive industry experience to Truma’s executive team. 

“We were searching for someone who understands and demonstrates the value of partnering with customers, the importance of providing exceptional service, and the need for sales and marketing to work in tandem. All are key attributes to Truma’s success,” said President and CEO Gerhard Hundsberger. “Tim’s experience and leadership skills make him the perfect person to lead our sales team and assist our marketing team as we continue to gain market share and grow within the North American market.”

Hundsberger added, “Tim is joining us at an exciting time – we are about to celebrate our 10th anniversary in North America, and we have nine consecutive years of growth under our belt with room to still grow.”

Throughout his career, Williams has represented suppliers of premium products for OEM and aftermarket channels, which provided him the opportunity to focus on exceptional customer service and premium product development. In his new role with Truma, Williams plans to capitalize on his past experiences and lead the sales and marketing teams with data-driven strategies aimed at measurable results.

“I knew that I wanted the next stage of my career to be with a company whose mindset was focused on customer and employee success,“ said Williams. “Everyone at Truma is determined to provide the ultimate customer experience for both our OEM partners and the end-users of our products. We provide premium systems that give the end consumer unmatched performance in the form of endless hot water, reliable heating, and near-silent air conditioning.”

Williams added that the total value of a Truma system can be found in the responsive and attentive support for customers at the manufacturer, aftermarket, and end-user levels alike. Truma also provides product installation assistance and marketing support for OEMs, and aftermarket installation of select systems and mobile technician services for end-users. 

“I am looking forward to working with our sales and marketing leaders to build on existing partnerships and developing new relationships throughout the RV and outdoor recreation industries,” Williams said.