18 September 2023
18 September 2023, Comments Comments Off on Truma introduces the remote module Truma iNet X Connect
Truma introduces the remote module Truma iNet X Connect

The new Truma iNet X Connect remote module enables users to operate the Truma iNet X App while on the move. With this feature, there’s no need for one to be near the vehicle to control connected devices or view various status indicators. Compatible with all mobile networks, the Truma iNet X Connect offers real-time control of the motorhome.

Integration of the remote module is straightforward. It can be seamlessly integrated into an existing iNet X system or retrofitted in conjunction with the panel. To activate the system, one simply inserts the SIM card provided by Truma. Additionally, for the first two years, control of the motorhome is offered free of charge.

The Truma iNet X Connect operates on a wide range of networks, offering nearly pan-European mobility.

For optimal performance, it is recommended that the Truma iNet X Connect be installed by a certified Truma dealer. Upon starting the Truma iNet X App, the built-in module is automatically detected and integrated into the system.

When one purchases the Truma iNet X Connect, a two-year package is automatically included. This period commences upon initial activation. Once this period expires, users have the option to choose between a 30-day or 365-day package. During this transition, no additional costs are incurred.

The Truma iNet X Connect will become available at Truma dealers starting in July 2024.