7 January 2021
7 January 2021, Comments Comments Off on Truma enhances Combi 6 E heater
Truma enhances Combi 6 E heater

Truma has enhanced its Combi 6 E hybrid heater and says it now has 25 percent faster heat-up and more hot water.

In ‘boost’ mode, the Combi 6 E heats up the interior up to 25 percent faster thanks to 900 W heating power from the two electric heating elements (so cannot be retrofitted), plus 6,000 W generated by the gas burner. The new Truma Combi 6 E therefore offers an overall output of 6,900 W.

The boost function is only available if the difference between the interior temperature and the target temperature is greater than 10°C, and if the vehicle is connected to 230 V mains power.

For campers who enjoy a shower in their vehicle, Truma has changed the ‘HOT’ setting so that the water now reaches a higher temperature. Result: The new Combi 6 E provides hot water for longer, meaning you can enjoy a better shower.

The Truma Combi E hybrid heaters can be operated with gas, electric or a combination of both. It has two electric 900 W heating elements which are integrated into the heat exchanger. To save gas, it can be used with a combination of gas and one (900 W) or two (1,800 W) electric heating elements.

When connected to the campsite’s mains electricity, the heater can be run with zero emissions from the leisure vehicle. It is also virtually silent when the gas element is not being used.

The new Combi 6 E is already fitted to 2020 model vehicles.