1 July 2020
1 July 2020, Comments Comments Off on Trigano’s CEO explains decision to still take part in Düsseldorf, Paris and Parma shows this year
Trigano's CEO explains decision to still take part in Düsseldorf, Paris and Parma shows this year

AboutcampBtoB has interviewed François Feuillet, CEO at Trigano and President of the ECF (European Caravan Federation), about why the Trigano Group to still participating in the forthcoming fairs in Europe this year (Düsseldorf, Paris and Parma). The full interview will be published in the August issue of Aboutcamp BtoB magazine. Here is an excerpt from the interview.

Question: The Trigano Group is participating in the main caravanning trade fairs which have been confirmed for 2020: Düsseldorf, Paris and Parma. Why, in your opinion, is it important that even in this particularly difficult year, the plein air sector must continue to have these fairs?

Answer: I think it is important to participate in these fairs because, although they are expensive, they bring a very important return for our company. In Germany, the Trigano sales network is not as strong as the Hymer network, but we can rebalance the situation at the fair, so it is very important for our sales.

With regard to Parma, it is very clear that without a fair there would be no more caravan market in Italy because the sales network is not able to sustain itself without the Salone del Camper where more than 25 percent of sales are made. Without this, dealers cannot survive. In addition, only at the fair in Parma can people see all the vehicles together from all the manufacturers. The dealers in Italy have a fairly limited stock, so to get a good idea of what’s available you have to travel many kilometres as the dealers are few and far between. A fair is a truly unique event for the public to see so many vehicles and then make a decision. If customers don’t go to the fair, they don’t make decisions and then the market goes down. And the same happens in France. 

There is, therefore, a strategic motivation to participate in the exhibitions: in Italy and France, without a fair, the market disappears and in Germany, at the fair, we have the opportunity to develop our goals beyond the dealer network. In Paris, perhaps customers can make decisions they might not otherwise make from dealers. 

Not attending trade shows to save money is a very short-term vision. I think a company like Trigano should look to the medium and long term and help trade fair organisations, because without them we would be in difficulty. Tradition must be maintained even in a difficult year, just like the Tour de France: despite all the current difficulties they still try to do it again this year, because it is a tradition. A year without a fair is a very difficult year. We are able to pay for these fairs, and we don’t need to save money, so we think that these three fairs bring a huge advantage to Trigano.