26 June 2020
26 June 2020, Comments Comments Off on Trigano appoints Stéphane Gigou as Deputy CEO as start of succession plan to replace François Feuillet
Trigano appoints Stéphane Gigou as Deputy CEO as start of succession plan to replace François Feuillet

The Trigano Group has announced a succession plan for its CEO François Feuillet with the appointment of Stéphane Gigou as Deputy CEO who will, in the near future, be appointed as President of the Executive Board and CEO for the whole group.

The positions of François Feuillet, Marie-Hélène, Michel Freiche and Paolo Bicci on the Executive Board were renewed by the Supervisory Board on 29 June, 2020.

The Feuillet family holds around 58 percent of the capital and 71.6 percent of the voting rights in Trigano, according to the group’s 2019 annual report. The Feuillet family intends to maintain its position as majority shareholder.

Stéphane Gigou, 48, a French national, holds an Economics and Commerce degree from La Sapienza University in Rome, Italy. He has spent his entire career in the automotive industry, first at Renault and then at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Since 2017, he has been managing director of Fiat Professional, the Fiat commercial vehicle division (turnover €5 billion).

When Stéphane Gigou replaces François Feuillet as President of the Executive Board, Marie-Hélène and François Feuillet will be appointed members of the Supervisory Board. They will be active in the Strategy and Audit committees of this board.

Trigano specialises in the design, manufacture and sale of leisure vehicles. It is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of motor caravans. Trigano has also developed its know-how in trailer production, as it is one of Europe’s two leading manufacturers in this segment, as well as garden equipment and camping equipment, its traditional business started in 1935 by Raymond Trigano.

Trigano’s development is based on a combination of acquisitions and organic growth mainly in the motorhome field, with AUTOSTAR in France in 1998, CARAVANS INTERNATIONAL and ARCA in Italy in 1999 and 2001, AUTO-TRAIL in England in 1999, BENIMAR in Spain in 2002, PERIGORD VDL in France in 2004, EURA MOBIL and KARMANN MOBIL in Germany in 2005, NOTIN in France in 2012, SEA in Italy in 2013, RIMOR in Italy in 2015, AUTO-SLEEPERS in United Kingdom and ADRIA in Slovenia in 2017.

Trigano employs 9000 people in 14 countries and recorded sales of €2,328.2 M in 2018/19.

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