9 July 2024
9 July 2024, Comments Comments Off on Trigano: 10.8% growth in third quarter 2023/24 driven by RVs
Trigano: 10.8% growth in third quarter 2023/24 driven by RVs

Trigano’s report for the third quarter of the 2023/2024 financial year shows a positive performance, with sales increasing by 10.8% reaching a total of €1,146.2 million. This growth was primarily driven by the recreational vehicles sector, especially motorhomes, which saw a sales increase of 20.3%.

  • Motorhomes: Deliveries to distribution networks remained strong during the third quarter, with volume growth around 10%. Favorable price/mix effects further boosted sales growth to 16% at constant scope and exchange rates.
  • Other Recreational Vehicles: Sales of other leisure vehicles were affected by a decrease in demand, particularly for caravans (-30.9%), mobile homes (-25.5%) and, to a lesser extent, accessories for leisure vehicles (-3.7%)
  • Trailers: Sales showed resilience with an 8.0% increase in volume, but remained stable (-0.6%) due to an unfavorable product mix.
  • Other Leisure Equipment: The overall economic situation in Europe weighed on performance, with sales dropping by 9.9%. Additionally, sales of garden and camping equipment were negatively impacted by unfavorable weather conditions in France.

Sales for the first nine months of the financial year showed an overall increase of 15.4%, reaching €3.1 billion.

Prospects for the end of the 2024 season remain positive, with motorhome deliveries expected to increase significantly while maintaining quality margins. The motorhome market in Europe continues to be buoyant, with growth close to 10% since the start of the season.

The normalization of chassis deliveries by car manufacturers has allowed for the satisfaction of demand and the replenishment of manufacturers’ and distribution networks’ stocks, in some cases beyond what is necessary. The market’s positive trend is expected to help regulate this situation in the coming months.

Presentations of the new motorhome and caravan ranges to European dealer networks have begun and will continue until mid-July, with customers responding positively to product developments aimed at increasing competitiveness in a highly competitive market.

Trigano will continue to closely monitor market developments in a persistently difficult economic and political environment to adapt its structure and organization and gain market share. The company will continue to explore all external growth opportunities of strategic interest.

Finally, the acquisition of BIO Habitat is still under review by the French Competition Authority.