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Tr.Em was founded in 1968 as an artisanal business in the cycling sector. Today the company occupies a production site spanning 16,000 square meters, located near Bologna (Italy) and operates both as a manufacturer and distributor. The catalogues of products dedicated to motorhomes and caravans is truly vast, including metal accessories such as steps and bicycle racks, and elements made of plastic materials such as wedges and steps. The product catalogue includes a wide range of ropes: elastic cords fitted with clips, for buckling luggage and bicycles, as well as polyester braids for securing verandas or other uses. Accessories include hooks, carabiners and pickets of various types.

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TR.EM. Trecciatura Emiliana Srl
Via Friuli, 5
40060 Osteria Grande (BO)
Ph.: +39 051 6950542
Web: www.trem.net