18 July 2023
18 July 2023, Comments Comments Off on Tom Faludy, Lippert’s VP of Global Growth and Strategic Development to retire
Tom Faludy, Lippert's VP of Global Growth and Strategic Development to retire

Lippert has announced that Tom Faludy is retiring from his role as Vice President of Global Growth and Strategic Development. In his 10 years at Lippert, Tom Faludy has worked as a special advisor for many of Lippert’s emerging markets, including the RV and Marine aftermarkets as well as EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa).

Jason Lippert, Lippert’s President and CEO, commented: “Many of our leaders here at Lippert have been directly or indirectly influenced by Tom’s work around product innovation, aftermarket, Europe and other international business, as well as a multitude of other areas over his almost 10-year tenure with the company.  While at Lippert, Tom demonstrated our core values and leader qualities in everything he has done here.”

“I want to give Tom a sincere thanks for how much passion he showed for our people, customers and our business and for lending his vast industry experience to help mentor and grow so many team members throughout the company. You will truly be missed,” added Jason Lippert.

Before joining Lippert, Tom Faludy had nearly 50 years of experience in sales, marketing and strategic business growth. He began his career as Vice President and Creative Director for a full-service advertising agency, then owned by one of the leading US RV manufacturers. Tom then served in managerial and directorial roles for Carefree of Colorado and Camping World, later returning to Carefree of Colorado as President. He was then promoted to a corporate officer role at The Scott Fetzer Company (Carefree’s parent company and a private subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway), where he was the Executive Vice President responsible for 11 operating divisions and mergers and acquisitions. He also began his own consultancy company, TGF Enterprises LLC, which worked with proprietors and CEOs of private and public companies to craft profitable business models and plans for sustained growth.

Tom Faludy commented: “I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with the Lippert leadership team and participating in their extraordinary growth for nearly a decade of my career. While I’ll certainly miss working with extraordinary colleagues and friends at Lippert, I am looking forward to more family time, continuing in my roles with Jayco Australia, the Ryan Family Office, mentoring and helping North American business leaders craft winning strategies.”