8 December 2021
8 December 2021, Comments Comments Off on Thor Industries acquires Elkhart Composites, Inc.
Thor Industries acquires Elkhart Composites, Inc.

THOR Industries, Inc. has announced the acquisition of Elkhart, Indiana-based Elkhart Composites, Inc. by THOR’s Airxcel, Inc. subsidiary.  Elkhart Composites is engaged in the development and sale of a proprietary sustainable foamed polypropylene-based composite material marketed and sold under the “Elkboard” brand name.

Elkboard is lightweight, rigid and durable, and used in the RV industry for sidewalls, helping to alleviate the industry’s dependence on traditional lauan-based sidewalls. Unlike traditional lauan-based sidewalls, Elkboard is a sustainable solution and is not susceptible to rot or delamination.

“We are excited about this acquisition for so many different reasons.” said Bob Martin, THOR President and CEO. “First, Elkboard is a far more sustainable solution than traditional lauan-based sidewalls. For decades, the RV industry has sourced lauan wood from tropical hardwood forests which continue to be over-harvested. As the recent supply-chain constraints have demonstrated, sourcing such materials from the other side of the world can no longer be taken for granted and our ability to quality-control lauan product is severely limited. Elkboard, on the other hand, is sustainable, and is fabricated locally.  Strict quality oversight allows a great deal of consistency we cannot find in lauan-based product. Second, Elkboard is an innovative and superior product already utilized in many of our RV offerings. Its current use in sidewalls is only the beginning for this product. With additional R&D investment into the Elkboard product, we expect it can be utilized as a solution in several other RV applications. Third, the growth potential of Elkboard is exponential. Our companies have been purchasing 100% of the Elkboard produced but that number has only supported a fraction of the RVs we produce. THOR and Airxcel have already committed to making capital investments into Elkboard to expand its production capacity to a multiple of its current production capacity. Fourth, this is the first opportunity for us to continue to build on our recent Airxcel acquisition and the strategy that drove that acquisition.”

Jeff Rutherford, President and CEO of THOR subsidiary Airxcel, Inc. added: “John Petrofsky and his Elkboard product presented a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Airxcel to enter the ground floor of a new and exciting business. We are excited to have John join our team and look forward to growing this great business in the years to come.”

John Petrofsky, Elkhart Composites’ President and CEO, commented: “As the demand for the Elkboard product began to outpace my ability to produce it, I began looking for the right partner to assist in expanding the production and utilization of Elkboard. While I had numerous suitors, THOR and Airxcel were the most natural fit. THOR’s embrace of sustainable technologies and products combined with its focus on innovation made it the right choice for the company.  THOR’s leadership has believed in the potential of Elkboard product since our first introduction, and I look forward to growing Elkhart Composites, Inc.’s product offerings, production volume, and applications with Airxcel.”

THOR Industries is the sole owner of operating subsidiaries that, combined, represent the world’s largest manufacturer of recreational vehicles. For more information on the Company and its products, go to www.thorindustries.com.