21 May 2020
21 May 2020, Comments Comments Off on Thomas Neubert takes over product management role at Hobby
Thomas Neubert takes over product management role at Hobby

Thomas Neubert has transferred from leading the Marketing and PR department at Hobby to take over product management responsible for the strategic orientation of the brand’s product portfolio of caravans, motorhomes and van conversions.

With 24 years of experience at Hobby (12 of them leading the marketing and PR), Thomas Neubert, 45, is an expert on the brand and will continue to refine the profile of the brand in the product categories caravan, motorhome and van. Product management reports directly to the board of management and is responsible for clearly positioning products for relevant target groups and markets.

“Thomas Neubert has played a significant role over the last two years in Hobby’s brand orientation and is therefore ideally qualified for the new position”, said Hobby Managing Director Bernd Löher.

Following the new appointment, Managing Director Holger Schulz will take
on the direct management of the Marketing and PR department.

Hobby employs over 1,200 people in its Fockbek caravan plant near Rendsburg in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, which is one of the largest production sites for caravan and motorhome construction in Europe.

In 2018, around 12,000 caravans and 2,000 motorhomes left this plant and generated annual sales of EUR 275 million. Hobby occupies a strong position in this sector with a 22.3 percent market share across Germany in the caravan sector.

The export share of Hobby caravans is 46 percent. Sales are handled by over 350 authorized dealers and permanent agents or importers in all major European markets.

In addition to the hobby caravan factory, the group also includes

  • Fendt-Caravan GmbH in Mertingen (Bavaria)
  • Rendsburg hot-dip galvanizing plant in Rendsburg
  • Formlight GmbH, Warburg (NRW)