22 May 2017
22 May 2017, Comments Comments Off on Thetford new framed doors: modern, flat and black
Thetford new framed doors: modern, flat and black

Thetford recently launched new doors for the N3000 series refrigerators. A new slim door frame which completely changes the looks of the refrigerator. Modern, flat and black framed; these refrigerator doors give the kitchen a modern look.

RV interior design follows domestic trend
In domestic interior styling there is a clear trend from curved into flat shapes. This is also noticeable in the European RV market, where manufacturers including Thetford, have adapted this style. Thetford adapted by introducing products that fit that style. Following the successful introduction of the flat framed N3140 series slim refrigerators and the compressor refrigerator T1090, Thetford extends this towards almost the full N3000 series.

Small change with a big difference
The new framed doors have a small frame of only 10 mm width instead of the former 30mm. The colour of the frame remains black, but the texture changed from a glossy look into a matte, modern black texture. This way the complete look of the refrigerator changes. The image below shows you the difference.


Old N3170 30mm frame                New N3170A 10mm frame

The details
The table shows you which models are available with the new slim framed door. The refrigerators are standard supplied with a black door panel. Please be informed that the size of the door panels are slightly changed.


Already available with slim framed doors