26 April 2016
26 April 2016, Comments Comments Off on The new Thetford T1090
The new Thetford T1090

Thetford presents the T1090, the first compressor refrigerator especially designed for the campervan. Made to perfectly fit the shape and user requirements of the campervan, the T1090 can be characterized as powerful in cooling, efficient, silent, and perfect in use. “This refrigerator is really developed for the campervan and not the other way around. It’s a unique, innovative product, states Stéphane Cordeille, Global CEO of the Thetford Group. It will definitely contribute to the development of this market segment.”

Thetford_T1090_SideviewThe refrigerator has a strong 12V compressor. This results in a powerful cooling performance. The standard mode is highly rated with the Subtropical Climate class, which guarantees an average cabinet temperature below 4˚C, even when the outside temperature is 38˚C. A unique back venting system increases the cooling performance thanks to the separation of hot and cold air. The ventilation is integrated which also means that outside vents are not required. So, without these vents there is no risk to your refrigerator whilst washing your van. Another advantage of the compressor refrigerator is that you can run it without a gas bottle. This means you can have a holiday season with just a single gas bottle for cooking only.

In addition, the cooling liquid of this compressor is the R600a that means more environmental conscious refrigerant. The power consumption is economical and gives a lot freedom. The standard day mode has an energy consumption of 0,45 KwH per 24 hours, with 0,35 KwH per 24 hours for the night mode. That means 2.5-3.5 days without charging the 95Ah battery. The T1090 is also a very quiet compressor refrigerator. The standard noise level reaches 32 dB(A). The noise level drops with 3 decibel to 29 dB(A), perceived as half of the standard noise level, during the day.

Thetford_T1090_closesd_vanThe design of the T1090 is made to fit the campervan like a glove. It completely follows the shape of the van. By following this shape, the space is efficiently used. Volume now comes from the back instead of bringing the refrigerator more forwards into the van. This results in a volume of 90L of the refrigerator with a size of only 975x481x485mm (HxWxD). This gives space in the van and creates opportunities for different layouts, like a wardrobe underneath the refrigerator, or a bigger bed, or a more spacious bathroom, or a wider aisle, or a longer worktop.

The T1090 is developed according to the campervan user requirements. The optimal installation is the T1090 at the top, at eye level, offering ergonomic use while taking food in or out the refrigerator. The interior features a design containing two vegetable bins, food retainers to keep food in place while driving, and bottle retainers in the door bins. There is enough space to even store bottles in the laid down position.