13 May 2023
13 May 2023, Comments Comments Off on Thetford launches new website
Thetford launches new website

Thetford has launched a new website that is easier to use for both consumers and commercial users.

Market research showed that there were two different types of visitors to the Thetford website: those with a service demand who typically query how a product works, how to maintain a product or how
to fix a product. and those with a commercial need.

Wendy Dujardin, Services Manager at Thetford: “Not every end-user is aware of their product model. In the past they had trouble finding the right one and therefore finding the right answer to their questions. A service wizard now supports our customers, leading them to all relevant documentation per product series, all in one place. This will help our end users to become far more self supporting in case of service questions.”

The renewed website also offers a more inspirational commercial journey. Norbert van Noesel, Marketing Manager at Thetford said: “Although Thetford offers no direct sales to end-users, we like to guide our
customers to have the best RV and camping experience and find the right products to support this
experience. This is more than just showing products, it’s about bringing people in an inspirational
environment. Our new approach from areas of use, supported by lifestyle photography, creates a
refreshing visual design.”

The new website can be experienced at www.thetford.com.