30 August 2021
30 August 2021, Comments Comments Off on Thetford launches more efficient T2000 mk 2 series 12v compressor refrigerators
Thetford launches more efficient T2000 mk 2 series 12v compressor refrigerators

Thetford has enhanced its RV 12 V compressor refrigerators with the launch of a T2000 Mark 2 series for 2022. These models offer improved compressor technology and electronics that reduce energy consumption by up to 20 percent.

Dirk Valder, Manager product management OEM at Thetford: “Advancements in recent years made us partner with a new compressor supplier. This supported us to further develop the T2000 series with the latest technology.”

All relevant features included in the first series remain in the Mk 2 version. The freezer compartment is independent and can be switched off when not needed, saving up to 40% energy. The smart ATC system has three temperature measuring points used for performance control under any circumstances. The T2000 has an extended climate class from 10 ̊C to 43 ̊C (T2090 is 16 to 38 ̊C) and integrated air ventilation. And, the T2000 series offers freedom of choice with its wide range of refrigerators in different sizes. These are exchangeable with the gas absorption N4000 series models.

Tests show significant differences between the new models and the former versions. Energy consumption is reduced by up to 20%, where the bigger models logically show a bigger saving.

All T2000 models are also CI-BUS ready. This means that the manufacturer can choose to connect the refrigerator to the central display of the vehicle with the CI-BUS connector cable. Once connected, you can control relevant options like ‘mode on/off’, ‘energy source’, ‘temperature setting’ and ‘error codes’.

The T2000 MK 2 series is available at OEM’s and dealers from the coming season. Thetford always recommends end users to contact a certified dealer to install their refrigerator safely. As with all Thetford appliances, there is a 3-year warranty for the T2000 series.