6 October 2021
6 October 2021, Comments Comments Off on Thetford contributes to solar powered Self-sustaining House on Wheels (SHOW)
Thetford contributes to solar powered Self-sustaining House on Wheels (SHOW)

Thetford has contributed its expertise and products for cooking, cooling, and sanitation in a fully solar powered motorhome, the Self-sustaining House on Wheels (SHOW) that has been conceived and produced by Solar Team Eindhoven from the Technical University Eindhoven.

This possible motorhome of the future proves that we can not only drive, but also live in a motorhome powered by the
sun. The solar panels make the vehicle completely self-sufficient, providing all appliances with electricity. No charging is required.

The motorhome has everything you need for comfortable living: sleeping, sanitation, cooking, watching television, and the ability to charge mobile devices. All is possible with the solar energy the SHOW generates.

When parked, the vehicle can expand the roof upwards. By doing so, the solar panels’ surface doubles in size. The interior of the motorhome is designed efficiently, prioritizing comfort for the daily lives of the residents.

Thetford proudly used its expertise to provide the Solar Team with custom-made products for cooking, cooling, and sanitation, all within the design rules of the SHOW: minimum weight, completely electric with minimum energy usage, and an excellent user experience.

On the 19th September , the Solar House on Wheels embarked on a road trip from Eindhoven in the Netherlands to Tarifa, the southernmost tip of Spain. While it might take quite some time before motorhomes like these will be on the road for regular holidays, the Solar Team aims to inspire as many people as they can during their 3000km road trip.

With a fresh view of the RV-market, the young team shows the many possibilities in sustainable travelling. With their project, they hope to accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable future.

Thetford is a global supplier of sanitary solutions, refrigerators, and cooking appliances for motorhomes and caravans. Thetford stands for quality, creativity, and innovation. Sustainability and environmental consciousness are important themes when developing new solutions. The T2000 series, a range of fully electric fridges with low energy usage is a prime example of the path Thetford is taking towards a more sustainable future. A perfect match with Solar Team Eindhoven, which has consistently won the world competition of solar cars by showing excellence in sustainable innovation and technology. A combination that makes sense, resulting in a remarkable partnership with an
incredible result.