9 April 2024
9 April 2024, Comments Comments Off on The first Fit Your Camper fair proves a great success
The first Fit Your Camper fair proves a great success

Attendance figures for the first Fit Your Camper exhibition, the new show for RV accessories and components that took place from 4 to 7 April at the Lariofiere venue in Erba, near Lake Como in Italy, exceeded expectations by attracting over 12.500 visitors.

With two B2B and two consumer days, and free admission, Fit Your Camper not only attracted a passionate and enthusiastic audience, but also opened a new chapter in events for the caravan industry and confirmed the ever-growing interest in the lifestyle associated with recreational vehicles and leisure.

In addition to the public interest in the fair, the presence of 484 industry professionals also helped make it a strategic meeting point for market operators. This was also thanks to the technical workshops and the two B2B days on Thursday 4 and Friday 5 April which proved to be valuable moments for the exchange of information and experiences. This all concluded with the Fit Your Party Pro, an important networking event organized on the first evening of the fair.

A determining factor for the success of Fit Your Camper was the support of the RV owners community. Almost 1,000 motorhomes stayed in the parking areas at the venue and in other more remote ones, all especially prepared and served by shuttles to the venue. This all confirmed the need for an event like this in the Italian trade fair calendar.

Numerous events took place during the event, enriching the experience of professional visitors and campers and caravanners. Among the many, it is worth mentioning the seminar “The future of the distribution of the automotive world and recreational vehicles,” organized by Quintegia and Camper Professional Italia, plus the Meet & Match between companies and content creators, and the school of safe driving provided by the experts.

The awards presented by our magazine, Camper Professional Italia, were highly appreciated:

– Camper Professional RV Dealer Award: an award specifically aimed at Italian camper and caravan dealers who have distinguished themselves in three different categories: Communication, Successful Initiatives, and Innovation.

– Camper Professional Legacy Award: honoring those who have made significant contributions to the caravanning industry, building its history and evolution.

– Camper Professional Editor’s Choice Mention 2024 dedicated to those companies that have created noteworthy promotional campaigns, marketing initiatives, or other activities in Italy.

The Fit Your Party on the Saturday evening, dedicated to the entire community of campers visiting the show, was the highlight of an event not seen before that proved to be an unmissable moment for the entire sector.

Fuori Media with its publications Aboutcamp BtoB, Camper Professional Italy, and Camper Professional Deutschland was the media partner of the event and hosted a welcome lounge for industry operators and to promote networking.