24 February 2022
24 February 2022, Comments Comments Off on The Caravan Industry Association of Australia has published the Business Conditions Report
The Caravan Industry Association of Australia has published the Business Conditions Report

The Caravan Industry Association of Australia (CIAA) undertook a detailed survey that deeply focused on the market in order to provide both the National RV industry and the Federal Government the means to analyze the current situation, find key points useful for growth and to stem current difficulties.

In January 2022, the results were published in the CIAA’s BUSINESS CONDITIONS REPORT in which all the facts and dynamics taking place in the Australian RV market are highlighted and analyzed in detail. The pandemic situation, still ongoing, in fact, has created the need, for the Federal Government and for the industry itself, to investigate and identify the critical points and, at the same time, the positive values in the field that can be a drive to overcome the difficulties brought by this unexpected historical moment.

As a result of this online survey, The Caravan Industry Association of Australia provides a detailed picture of the business conditions, supply chain impacts, insurance difficulties, trends and many other issues that the caravanning camping sector is currently facing.

The survey was aimed at the full range of players in the market, such as RV manufacturers, RV importers and OEM, but also caravan parks, dealerships, repairers, rental companies and land lease communities and it highlights important facts. It is revealed, in fact, that companies still have a very cautious attitude, despite the waning of the health emergency, towards economic growth forecasts. Added to this are further difficulties such as a shortage of sufficiently skilled personnel, cost increases, supply chain or wavering consumer confidence.

The National production, reveals the BUSINESS CONDITIONS REPORT is continually constrained by the supply chain, which generates increased costs of raw materials and salaries while, on the other hand, the demand for recreational vehicles has never been so high and imports have never marked better numbers.

In the more than 150 questions that attendees answered, the survey also addressed other issues affecting the performance of the Australian RV industry, in its overall picture, such as the swings in the insurance market which happen with the exit of several insurance providers, unwilling to take more risk in the industry, and the increase in premiums and costs for operators. We discover, also, that Australian companies, despite some had suffered attacks, consider cyber violation a low risk and, from this point of view, more attention and prevention is probably necessary.

The impact of the RV industry on the environment was also investigated, revealing that more and more companies feel a stronger awareness of environmental and social responsibility towards the consumer and are well aware of the competitive advantage that occurs when the company and the end customer share their objectives.

To get into deeper details of the Caravan Industry Association of Australia’s BUSINESS CONDITIONS REPORT 2022: CLICK HERE.