5 August 2019
5 August 2019, Comments Comments Off on “Tesla Semi-Home” concept motorhome shows future potential of electric RVing
"Tesla Semi-Home" concept motorhome shows future potential of electric RVing

A British design agency (Vanlifer) has published a design for a ‘Tesla Semi-Home’ concept of a high-end motorhome based on the Tesla Semi electric truck, featuring autopilot and a potential 500 mile range.

The concept is designed as a six-berth motorhome with kitchen, lounge, double bed and bathroom with toilet and shower. With the Tesla Semi expected to cost between $150,000 to $180,000, any motorhome conversion would be in the premium sector.

Jason Hablous, Vanlifer founder says: “So far this is a concept, but I am working on creating an accurate 3D model. This will be sent to a few larger scale coachbuilders for pricing of moulding the outer shell and then we would create the interior fit-out to see if this would be a viable project. Of course, we’ll only know for sure once the Tesla Semi is launched whether it’s something that could ever go ahead.”

The Tesla Semi is designed with four independent electric motors on the rear axles to provide maximum power and acceleration with the lowest energy cost per mile. It is aerodynamic, with a drag co-efficient of just 0.36cd, and is being offered with a range of 300 or 500 miles. It has a claimed maximum towing weight of 36 tonnes, so the Tesla Semi should easily handle the weight of a motorhome conversion.

The Tesla autopilot system helps avoid collisions, with the driver required to be prepared to take action at any time.

Vanlifer is based in London, UK, and designs and creates custom campervan conversions, and 3D models and illustrations for vanlifers and campervan-owners. It was founded by Jason Hablous who has a design background in furniture , interiors and products. He also loves campervans and founded Vanlifer during a six-month trip around Europe in a converted campervan in 2017: www.vanlifer.com.