17 May 2024
17 May 2024, Comments Comments Off on Teleco Group welcomes new Commercial Director, Jim Looijen
Teleco Group welcomes new Commercial Director, Jim Looijen

Teleco Group is proud to announce the appointment of Jim Looijen as its new Commercial Director.

Bringing a wealth of industry experience and proven expertise, Jim’s arrival marks a significant milestone in Teleco’s ambitious growth strategy.

Previously, Jim held prominent roles at the Erwin Hymer Group and Knaus Tabbert, where he was instrumental in driving significant expansions and enhancing dealer networks across the Benelux region.

His strategic acumen and deep understanding of the recreational vehicle market have consistently propelled his teams to achieve notable successes.

At Teleco, Jim is set to lead the development and execution of comprehensive commercial strategies aimed at further strengthening Teleco’s position in the competitive European market.

His role will particularly focus on fostering robust relationships with both original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and aftermarket dealers, enhancing the company’s outreach and service quality.

“Jim’s leadership is expected to bring fresh perspectives to our commercial operations and help us navigate the challenges of a dynamic market environment. His experience will be invaluable in driving our strategic initiatives forward”, says Vittorio Simioli, Teleco Group co-owner.

“As I step into my role at Teleco Group, my first impressions have been overwhelmingly positive. The organization’s structure and workflow are impressively well-organized, setting a solid foundation for innovation and market responsiveness,” says Jim Looijen “What stands out about Teleco is its position as a leader in innovation. The meticulous approach to quality assurance has solidified Teleco’s reputation as a reliable and forward-thinking company. I am excited to contribute to and help steer Teleco’s future towards continued success.”

As Jim Looijen steps into his role, the entire Teleco family is excited to support him in his new journey and confident in his ability to bring about transformative changes that align with Teleco’s long-term goals.