21 September 2022
21 September 2022, Comments Comments Off on Tecnoform USA announces opening of new USA manufacturing and service facility in Grand Rapids, Michigan
Tecnoform USA announces opening of new USA manufacturing and service facility in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Tecnoform is expanding into the United States by establishing new manufacturing, service, and sales operations in the Grand Rapids (MI) area.

This new facility will serve as the North America headquarters and houses production lines to manufacture high quality distinctive design RV furniture ‘Made in the USA’.

Tecnoform USA is a recently formed subsidiary of Tecnoform S.p.A. Italy, a manufacturer of high-quality furnishings for recreational vehicles, boats, and luxury furniture.

The parent company, established in 1965, has 175 employees today and a high technology design, production, and service process that serve customers around the globe. The Tecnoform business continues to grow and remains in control of the Kerkoc family who founded the company more than 55 years ago, starting in Italy and expanding with international customers.

The RV division are a recognized innovative major player in the market and the marine industry has also demonstrated continuous increasing demand.

The support of The Right Place, West Michigan’s leading economic development body, was instrumental to achieve this goal; the project is expected to create numerous high skilled quality jobs.

“The project will strengthen Tecnoform’s presence and future growth in the North American RV industry” explains Renzo Kerkoc, CEO of Tecnoform. “We will be closer to our American customers offering a high-quality product with fast response times for dynamic industry needs. Design & Engineering will still be driven together with the Italian R&D teams, while the product will be proudly Made-in-USA.” Kerkoc adds.

Since 1965 Tecnoform has followed the origin and evolution of the RVs Industry, as a pioneer in the production of furniture components and actively contributing to some of the most important innovations in the sector. The Tecnoform teams are now preparing for the future with investments in Circular Economy materials, lightweight designs for electrification of the industry, and space saving creativity helping customers to work and live on the road anywhere they choose.

The Tecnoform USA plant will increasingly contribute to the industry in a leading role as #TheRvFurnitureBrand.