13 June 2021
13 June 2021, Comments Comments Off on Tecnoform and Atim join forces for “Wide & Flexible” furniture offering innovative solutions
Tecnoform and Atim join forces for “Wide & Flexible” furniture offering innovative solutions

Atim and Tecnoform are working together to take a step towards the production of even more innovative solutions, such as large tables and worktops that “disappear” into small drawers. Everything becomes accessible, comfortable, extendable, easy to use or to close up when it’s no longer needed. The flexibility of these products allows every comfort while conserving space. The surprising and seamless furniture movements will impact with a guaranteed positive experience. Tecnoform and Atim exceed customer expectations by supporting a new way of living RV interiors.

Tecnoform has been promoting ‘Made in Italy’ style and quality for furniture for the RV Industry for 56 years.

“We have consistently viewed the future as shaped by innovation, focused on sustainability and embedding smart-home functionality. For Tecnoform, innovation means offering habitable solutions for any layout you want to live in” says Renzo Kerkoc, Tecnoform’s CEO.

“Our Wide & Flexible furnishings shape the space making it feel more spacious, while modular and easily transformable. Your furnishings with Tecnoform are suitable for any situation and always aesthetically satisfying. Whether you use your vehicle to travel, to eat or to work, our goal is to enable a unique customer experience. This is why we’ve partnered with Atim, a renowned Italian company as innovative as we are. Atim’s specialty are ingenious sliding and folding mechanisms designed to create dynamic furniture settings,” Renzo Kerkoc added.

In the photo: Renzo Kerkoc CEO of Tecnoform and Stefano Del Prete, CEO of ATIM