19 August 2021
19 August 2021, Comments Comments Off on Sunlight develops ‘Home Office on Wheels’ project for motorhomes
Sunlight develops 'Home Office on Wheels' project for motorhomes

SUNLIGHT, the camper and motorhome brand, is embracing the idea of a Home Office on Wheels – and has developed a concept with a digital media designer, Fabian Schweikert, for a mobile workplace solution in motorhomes.

SUNLIGHT believes that digitization and new mobility concepts are the driving forces of societal transformation – and that those forces have to be re-thought and re-defined on all levels. One of the fundamental societal transformation processes – radically accelerated by the pandemic – is the questioning of traditional working models. Digitization, the challenge of fixed patterns as well as a new interpretation of mobility lead to a growing interest in location independence – and thus, the demand for flexible working environments will grow rapidly.

Digital media designer Fabian Schweikert approached SUNLIGHT with the idea of transferring the mobile holiday home into a mobile home office. For his International Marketing bachelor degree at the Dutch Fontys Venlo University of Applied Sciences, the 29-year-old developed and implemented a New Work project: Fabian examined the potential of location independent workplaces – in particular of motorhomes.

The trend towards mobile working solutions is underlined in his mobile office study: 76 percent of the 430 people asked stated that – due to the pandemic – they were working at home, partly at home and remote – compared to 45 percent before the pandemic. Further, the results of the Future of Work Reports 2021 show that 2/3 of those participants who can work at home would welcome a hybrid solution in the future. Research by the German health insurance DAK in 2020 revealed that 56 percent of the people believe to work more efficiently at home than in the office.

SUNLIGHT sees a great opportunity to help shape the future: “We are no longer a mere motorhome brand – we are a brand providing progressive mobility solutions.”

Fabian worked with SUNLIGHT’s engineers on a prototype that features a multifunctional, foldable table/desk – equipped with an additional screen, charging options (for the smartphone as well as other devices) and additional storage. The Home Office on Wheels solution could be available as a modular system for the brand’s motorhomes, vans and camper vans.

Fabian explains: “We will see a further increase of the so-called digital nomads and the SUNLIGHT concept addresses all kinds of professions: those, of course, who can work remotely and will re-define their working place. But also salespeople, scientists in field work – e.g. geologists or biologists – as well as site managers, architects, etc. Instead of staying in a sterile hotel, the Home Office on Wheels provides a flexible, professional and comfortable solution.”