18 March 2019
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Stuttgart - CMT

260,000 visitors to CMT

Over a quarter of a million people visited the CMT 2019 in Stuttgart, which it claims makes it the largest consumer show for tourism and leisure. According to the caravan industry representatives, Stuttgart confirmed its function as a barometer for the mobile home and caravan industry.

Words Andrea Cattaneo

With over 1,000 leisure vehicles on show, exhibitors from the caravan industry say the CMT was a great success for them. Holger W. Siebert, Vice President of the German Caravanning Industry Association (CIVD) was proud that the importance of caravanning at CMT was increasing, and said: “CMT once again proved to be a successful exhibition.” Oliver Waidelich, Managing Director of the German Caravan Trade Association (DCHV), said he was equally optimistic: “Dealers started the new season at CMT with confidence. This was confirmed by the reception on the exhibition stands. Visitors were very interested in leisure vehicles. Holidays are becoming ever shorter, but instead more frequent – and mobile homes are ideal for this form of travel. We assume that demand will also remain high in future.” The motor home parking area and the additional parking spaces at the “CMT Motel” were also greatly appreciated by exhibitors and visitors alike with 7,000 overnight stays recorded during the show, with more than 3,500 vehicles. The exhibitors, visitors and journalists who parked their vehicles here had travelled from all over Germany and from 14 European countries. Gerd Adamietzki, Managing Director, Knaus Tabbert said: “CMT 2019 was again a very successful start to the season for Knaus Tabbert GmbH. We are extremely satisfied with the outcome of the exhibition. This event in Stuttgart is always an important industry and mood barometer for our company and confirms our strategy of always focusing on customer benefits. The good exhibition location of Stuttgart itself, the large number of visitors, short distances and first-class organisation enable us to offer customers optimum service here.” Bernd Wuschack, Managing Director, Carthago Group: “CMT provided the perfect start to our anniversary year – 40 years of Carthago and Malibu. Visitors expressed a great deal of interest, which corresponded to the same high level as that in 2018. Our flagship, the Carthago liner-for-two, became a real hit. We were also very busy on our Malibu stand during the nine days of the exhibition. The Malibu Van Charming GT proved very popular while the wide range of Malibu mobile homes in Hall 5 also attracted large crowds. We are therefore going home satisfied and are looking forward to the start of the spring season.“ Christian Reisch, Managing Director, Alde Deutschland said: “Caravanning is generally more popular than ten years ago. We determined that the caravanning section is also continuously becoming more important at CMT. A large number of customers obtained their information here prior to making a purchase. This applies to all brands. Our presentation concept proved to be a total success. We were extremely satisfied with the outcome and organisation of the exhibition which was also superbly publicised!“ CMT 2020 will take place in Stuttgart from 11 to 19 January 2020.

Record results for German caravan industry in 2018

For the fifth consecutive year, the Caravan Industry Association of Germany (CIVD) has reported record sales figures of new caravans and motorhomes. In total, the German caravanning industry produced nearly 123,000 leisure vehicles in 2018. Sales of accessories and used models were also strong, which resulted in the caravan industry in Germany generating a total of more than 11 billion last year, which was another record result. Total registrations of new caravans and motorhomes in Germany increased by more than 12 percent last year, with nearly 47,000 motorhomes and over 24,000 caravans sold. In addition, exports by manufacturers in Germany also increased, by more than seven percent, to 55,000. Sales (registrations) of new motorhomes in Germany grew by 15.5 percent last year to reach a new peak of 46,859, or nearly double the amount of caravans sold. In the last 10 years, new motorhome sales in Germany have more than doubled. New caravan sales were also strong in Germany in 2018, and increased by 7.2 percent to 24,327 vehicles. This is the fifth year running that caravan sales have grown in Germany, and its best result since 2001. ìWith the new record for new registrations of recreational vehicles, we have exceeded our optimistic forecasts for 2018,î said Daniel Onggowinarso, Managing Director of the Caravaning Industry Association (CIVD). ìCaravaning combines self-determined travel with diverse options for individual leisure activities. Travelling with a caravan or motorhome is therefore a very attractive form of vacation for more and more Germans. We therefore expect demand to increase again in 2019,î said Onggowinarso. ìCaravanning holidays are very much in vogue all over Europe, so demand for German motorhomes and caravans is steadily increasing,î said Daniel Onggowinarso. ìWith more than 55,000 exported recreational vehicles, the German manufacturers are market leaders in Europe. Given the expected high demand in the future, manufacturers are continuing to expand their production capacities and are optimistic about the year 2019,î explained Onggowinarso. The CIVD has represented the interests of the manufacturing industry companies in the caravaning industry for more than 55 years. It has over 138  members, including almost all German and European caravan and motorhome manufacturers as well as their suppliers and service providers.

Skydancer Apéro the world’s first camper-cabriolet

At the CMT 2019 in Stuttgart, the production version of the cabrio camper was first shown. The idea of creating a camper in the convertible version, was born in Piotr Kubinski’s head a long time ago. At the beginning, the designer created a prototype (concept) of such a vehicle. For the construction he used the furniture he had at hand and the used truck – the Mercedes Atego. The designer decided to create a production version of his idea. The cabrio camper is based on Fiat Ducato. In the front, we find the greatest innovation of the project, ie two separate levels. On the first, higher, the so-called “A cab” with 4 seats for driving. The side windows are long enough to reach up to the second row of seats. Thanks to this, we get an extraordinary, panoramic view not only on the road, but also on the surrounding views. In the front you can also find an electrically opened roof, which in a few moments overlaps the rear part of the vehicle. The roof can also be opened while driving, not just a standstill. The camper is 7 meters long and 3.05 meters high. In the front of the vehicle we are sitting more or less at this height. This idea opens us to a completely new, previously unknown experience. In the front of the camper we can also create a double bed. We have a lot of space for two people who can stay on the upper deck with an open roof. The front seats are rotatable, but their blockage was solved completely differently. After turning the key in the station, the seats lock in the position enabling the ride. After the engine has been switched off, the lock “switches off” and then we can turn it towards the rear of the vehicle. Each pair of armchairs has a table at your disposal, ideal for morning breakfast and coffee. Armchairs with automatic locking are not everything. The gear lever, after turning the key, slides out of the floor. During the stoppage, it hides in it to increase the comfort of moving around this part of the motorhome. The lower deck is surprising, above all, a very large space. Freely in the “salon” can move the entire crew living on board. At the back of the vehicle there are two double beds 200 cm long and 140 cm wide. Entrance to it is facilitated by stairs, which are easily hidden in the direction of the garage – this is another Skydancer’s innovation. Next to it, we find a large Dometic fridge (145 liters), which we have free access to even when the stairs are spread. In the kitchen corner you will find a sink and a gas stove. If we need a larger working space, we will lay out an additional table in a few moments, which later can be transformed into, for example, a coffee pad for people resting in the back bed. As you can see, Skydancer Apéro is full of little things that greatly improve comfort. In the camper, we also find a bathroom connected to the toilet. At the end, it is worth paying for an enormous garage in the back. Easy access to it is provided by a wide flap. Inside we pack scooters, bikes and all necessary (and unnecessary) luggage. The heating is standard, gas. The whole is powered by a Truma Combi boiler.

Iridium: motorhome with electric drive

The Iridium E-Mobil is from the Swabian company WOF (Motorhome Outlet Factory) based in Weilheim an der Teck in southern Germany. For the Iridium E-Camper, WOF has partnered with three companies, each of which has a great deal of experience and specialist know-how in their field. ìWe wanted a practical motorhome that was fully developed and reliable from A to Z,î says Christian Klaiber, head of the Future Mobility Initiative and an expert in electromobility who is supporting Iridium with the launch of clean and quiet campers. WOF has been supplying a chassis for heavy-duty commercial vehicles for years, and Maurer Fahrzeugbau AG, a Swiss manufacturer of exclusive motorhomes, is creating a structure which gives customers the choice of classic sandwich or Monoshell technology (a particularly warp-resistant body without seams and joints, and thus without squeaking noises). ìIt will not be a preliminary study, but customers can already buy this vehicle in Stuttgart,î says Christian Klaiber. ìIridium is making a major step towards sustainable camping with the first electrically powered motorhome,î says Klaiber. In addition to classic camper vans Klaiber sees another target group for the e-mobile: ìThere are business travellers who, like me, want to be eco-friendly and flexible on the go and are used to answering the e-mails as soon as possible. This is extremely comfortable in the motorhome – and you do not need to worry about a hotel room for an overnight stay, but you always know in advance how to stay.î The drive solution comes from the Swabian electric vehicle specialist EFA-S, which has already converted about 200 trucks of the parcel service UPS to pure electric vehicles. Special features include synchronous motors, which already develop their full torque at zero speed and reaches maximum range through a self-developed battery management system. Individually monitored lithium iron phosphate batteries, deliver the energy to the motor with high-voltage technology. As with F1 vehicles, energy is recovered and stored during braking with KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) technology.

Promobil and Caravanning announce the Best Brands for 2019

Two leading magazines in Germany, Promobil and Caravanning, have announced their Motorhomes of the Year, Caravans of the Year and best accessory brands for 2019, as voted by over 22,000 of their readers. These awards are recognized as prestigious and coveted by the caravan and motorhome industry in Germany. They are also considered a trend barometer. As in the previous year, AL-KO secured first place in the chassis technology category with 67.8 percent. Second and third places were taken by Goldschmitt and Linnepe, with 48.4 and 10.3 percent, respectively. Truma was the clear winner with a total of 77.3 percent of the vote for heating manufacturers. Alde came second with 35.1 percent of the vote and third place was occupied by Webasto with 31.6 percent. The most popular toilet systems, like last year, are Thetford , which was in first place with 77 percent. The 2nd and 3rd places were taken by Dometic (37.8 percent) and Fiamma (7.6 percent). AL-KO was also the most popular leveling system, but closely followed lowed by Goldschmitt which was only 9.1 percentage points behind. Linnepe was third. For air conditioning manufacturers, Dometic was first with 57.2 percent of the vote. Truma followed in 2nd place. Dometic also won in the refrigerator category with a clear win with 78.2 percent of the votes, while Thetford took second place with 32.6 percent, and Webasto was third with 15.7 percent. First place for awnings was taken by Thule, with Fiamma second, and Dometic in third with 19.4 percent of the vote; for caravan awnings/sun shades, Isabella took over the first place. The most popular moving system brand for caravans is once again AL-KO with a score of 77 percent. Truma was in second place, and third place went to Reich/Easydriver. For bike lovers, the most popular carriers are from Thule. A total of 51.3 percent of the votes put Thule number 1 among the two-wheel carriers . As in the previous year, Fiamma (30.1%) and Sawiko / Alko (15.1%) rank 2nd and 3rd, respectively. With 42.8 percent, Oyster claimed first place for satellite systems again this year, followed by Kathrein and Alden with 23.6 and 20.5 per cent of the votes, respectively. For solar systems, last year’s winner Büttner again secured first place with 49.8 percent. Solar Swiss and Telair are new on the podium. Telair lands just behind Solar Swiss with 8.7 percent, securing second place with 11.7 percent. Honda scored 34.7 percent among the generator manufacturers and retained first place. Dometic was second with 24.5 and Efoy third with 17.8 percent.

AL-KO E&P stable and level by touchscreen

The newly revised hydraulic levelling system for motorhomes from E&P Hydraulics is now called levelM and offers users even more comfort. In the past the motorhome steady legs were controlled at the touch of a button; in future, this will be achieved simply and conveniently using a tablet and/or smartphone app, both of which have the same user interface. One advantage of the new, modern operating concept is that it can be updated in terms of user interface and functions. The small touchpad is provided with a fixed charging station in the motorhome. When the tablet is removed from this unit it functions as a practical, wireless radio remote control from which the entire levelling system can also be controlled form outside the vehicle. The legs are extended hydraulically out of a cylinder at the push of a button and position the vehicle absolutely horizontally within 120 seconds. Depending on the model, when fitted to a motorhome the hydraulic system can move up to 10,000 kilograms per leg.

AL-KO has announced that from April this year, its fully automatic HY4 levelling system will be available (in Europe) for the new model generation of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (VS 30).

TELECO CombiSat: the switch that never leaves you without TV

CombiSat is the new device that ensures camper and caravan owners are never left without a TV signal. The request came from a partner of Teleco’s, a premium motorhome manufacturer, who wanted to offer its customers the opportunity to watch television even with the vehicle parked under trees or in the presence of obstacles. Teleco responded by developing kits that allow fast vehicle connection to an automatic portable supplementary ACTIVSAT antenna or to a camping site power supply pillar, to receive all available cable channels. CombiSat is an intelligent switch that automatically connects the portable ACTIVSAT antenna in combination with the one installed on the camper roof. ACTIVSAT is a portable, fully automatic satellite antenna, extremely user-friendly. By connecting the ACTIVSAT cable to the socket, the CombiSat intelligent switch automatically disconnects the antenna on the roof and connects ActivSat to the television. When the portable antenna aligns with the satellite, the signal will immediately reach the TV set, ensuring perfect viewing of all the programs. If there is more than one television sets, Teleco has come up with a Twin kit that allows for simultaneously watching all programs on two different TV sets. Another kit is CombiCab also available to quickly connect your camper and therefore, your TV sets to the campsite plug for the antenna, to be able to view all available cable channels. The third kit is CombiMax, designed to connect a camper with two TVs both to the supplementary satellite ActivSat dish and to the camping site plug for the antenna.

Wash the clothes on board

A washing machine on an RV? This is not new, but this Mini washing machine seems to take a step forward. Design is at the forefront, technical characteristics and performances are very interesting. With a power of 1500 W, the Mini washing machine has a limited weight (about 16 kg), takes up little space (55-60 cm and 30 cm deep), consumes little water (25 liters) and has a limited absorption of electricity. Obviously it is not possible to load many cloths in the washing machine, but for a holiday it may be enough. Normal washing takes only 15 minutes, the engine is particularly quiet and creates low vibrations.

New Truma gas pressure regulators

Truma has improved its gas pressure regulators for leisure vehicles, making them lighter, more compact and more user-friendly. The new Truma MonoControl CS and DuoControl CS are designed to ensure maximum safety while driving or stationary. The new Truma DuoControl CS regulator can be distinguished by a new, modern design. A new feature is an integrated crash sensor to allow customers to run gas appliances, like heaters and fridges, safely while driving. In the event of an accident at speeds between 15 to 20 km/h, the crash sensor stops the gas flow immediately. The Truma DuoControl CS automatically switches over to a second gas cylinder if the first one becomes empty. It is more compact than the previous model and lightweight at just 900g. It is easy to retrofit and comes in a vertical model for wall mounting or a horizontal model for installing on the ceiling of the gas cylinder box. Two new viewing windows, which are clearly visible from all sides, let you see whether the cylinder in use is full (green) or empty (red). The Truma MonoControl CS, a single-cylinder gas pressure regulator with crash sensor, has also been redesigned. Like its Duo counterpart, the MonoControl CS is also more compact and lighter than its predecessor, and can be installed on the wall or ceiling of the gas cylinder box.