21 April 2022
21 April 2022, Comments Comments Off on Studies show preferences of French holidaymakers
Studies show preferences of French holidaymakers

Issue 131 of VDL magazine published by the association of French camper and caravan manufacturers (UNI VDL), has an interesting article about two studies of holiday habits in France: the first, by ADN tourisme, is entitled “The aspirations of the French in terms of holidays”, and the second, by Ifop, is called: “The Observatory of tourist demands in France in 10 years”.

The ADN tourisme survey shows that the health crisis has led holidaymakers to stay in France for longer and that they have chosen to reconnect with nature and the great outdoors – particularly inhabitants of cities.  

“We also noticed a strong need for conviviality, to find each other,” says Jessica Viscart, deputy director of Tourisme Bretagne. “The health crisis has really brought out values such as discovery, the meeting with loved ones, but also the desire to meet the inhabitants of the territory and to fully integrate into their locality”.

The main expectations of the French on holiday or for a weekend according to the qualitative and quantitative studies carried out from May to October 2021 by Tourisme Bretagne, in collaboration with ADN tourisme, UNAT Nationale are as follows:

55% are looking for relaxation and relaxation

54% want a change of scenery and disconnection

28% want to take their time

21% try to make sense of their holiday

16% prefer outdoor activities

The tendencies that should be long-term:

Live a special or unique experience (71%)

Travel more responsibly (70%)

Living as a person living on that territory (69%).

According to the Ifop studio made in spring 2021 with the Observatoire du tourisme de demain : 78% believe that going for a weekend away from home corresponds to their idea of vacation. The criteria for choosing accommodation are above all:

comfort (60%)

cost (59%)

proximity to nature (37%)

proximity to tourist activities (36%).

The Ifop survey also reveals that the French prefer to get away from their daily lives without having to take the plane or leave for a long time. The important thing is to get away from home.

“In terms of activities, local discoveries and gastronomy are privileged,” says Marion Chasles-Parot, customer director at Ifop. “The other strong trend, which stands out very clearly in the survey is the search for comfort”, a trend already well integrated by campsite managers, eager to offer increasingly comfortable mobile homes to their customers, but also by manufacturers of campers, caravans and  vans who strive to constantly improve the comfort of their vehicles.

“The concept of a camper, converted van or van is totally able to meet the expectations of the French,” says Jessica Viscart. “It allows you to find yourself among yourself, to be able to be in the middle of nature even where there are no accommodation offers and to live at your own pace without having the constraints of breakfast at the hotel, opening hours or closing of restaurants since you have everything with you. This concept of freedom, autonomy, absence of constraints combined with health safety characterize the camper. This explains why 58% of French people say they are attracted to this type of holiday.”

According to the Ipsos report “Camper: profile and behavior in 2021”, owners of motorhomes, semi-integral or vans want:

Discover tourist sites: 95%

Visiting their family: 80%

Discover the local gastronomy: 71%

Visiting museums: 65%