5 October 2022
5 October 2022, Comments Comments Off on Stellantis: “We’re still focused on the RV sector”
Stellantis: "We're still focused on the RV sector"

Stellantis demonstrated its focus on the RV sector by taking part at the Caravan Salon Düsseldorf and the Salon des Véhicules de Loisirs with, for the first time, vehicles from four different brands – Fiat Professional, Citroën, Peugeot, and Opel – all exhibited together.

“Stellantis is thus the biggest player in the RV sector, with its capacity to offer the most structured and flexible line-up in terms of dimensions, outfits, and powertrains, supported by a production rate expected to experience rapid growth” said Eric Laforge, Stellantis Head of Light Commercial Vehicles, Enlarged Europe. “As market leader, the Group has always been close to converters and end users, whose requirements are taken into account from design to aftersales service: an unparalleled partner for the world of caravanning”.

Stellantis’ focus on the RV sector is also demonstrated by the decision to dedicate part of the production capacity in Gliwice, Poland, to the manufacturing of camper bases. Production capacity is therefore strengthened, as these vehicles were once produced only at the Sevel plant in Atessa, Italy.

Finally, investments in technology are proceeding unabated, in search of the balance between environmental sustainability and performance. In turn, Stellantis already has the capability to meet the demand for BEV vehicles in the RV sector too. In any event, work continues in parallel on the evolution of diesel engines that comply with the regulations.

Stellantis is also developing a solution for a compact camper van: a versatile and modern vehicle designed to meet a recent development in demand. In fact, users are now younger than they used to be, with reduced requirements for space: they look for a more agile vehicle for both recreational needs and everyday use.