14 May 2020
14 May 2020, Comments Comments Off on Stefanie Hegels takes over management of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles plant in Września, Poland
Stefanie Hegels takes over management of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles plant in Września, Poland

The Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles plant in Września, Poland, which produces the Crafter, will have a new manager from 1st June 2020, Stefanie Hegels. She will succeed Christiane Engel, the first woman to take charge of a plant in the Volkswagen Group in 2018. Engel will assume responsibility for quality assurance of the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand in Wolfsburg, Germany.

Stefanie Hegels (47) has been with the Volkswagen Group for almost 24 years and has held various functions in logistics. Hegels holds a degree in Industrial Engineering and was most recently head of logistics at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles (VWCV) in Hannover.

She started her career in 1996 in Wolfsburg and moved to Emden in 2005 as head of Material Control and Steering. After three years working for the Volkswagen Group Russia in Kaluga, she returned to Wolfsburg where she held further Group management functions in logistics. Since March 2018 Stefanie Hegels has been head of logistics for the VWCV brand.

In 2018 Christiane Engel (53) was the first woman to assume responsibility for a production facility in the Volkswagen Group. In 1992 Engel, who holds an engineering degree in Industrial Science, started her career at Volkswagen Saxony in the field of industrial engineering. She subsequently held further responsible positions at Volkswagen, and in 2001 she moved to Auto5000 GmbH as head of work and factory organisation. From 2009 she was responsible for industrial engineering at Volkswagen Group of America in the Chattanooga plant (USA). In 2012 Christiane Engel became head of work organisation and industrial engineering at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

The plant in Września has been manufacturing new-generation Crafters since October 2016. The cost of the project has been estimated at over EUR 800 million, which makes it one of the largest foreign investments in Poland over the past 10 years.

The plant occupies an area of 220 ha, which is equivalent to 300 football pitches. The factory comprises technologically advanced facilities including Body Shop, Paint Shop, Assembly Hall and Suppliers’ Park, as well as Special Vehicle Body Plant and Pilot Manufacturing Plant. The production capacity of the new factory may reach 100,000 vehicles a year.

As a stand-alone brand within the Volkswagen Group, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles (VWCV) is responsible for the development, construction and sales of light commercial vehicles. They include the Transporter, Caddy and Amarok ranges, which are produced in Hannover (D), Poznań (PL), Września (PL) and Pacheco (ARG).