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SR Mecatronic

SR Mecatronic was founded in 2008 by the present General Manager Mr Marco Santoli.

SR Mecatronic specialises in the design, the development and the production of durable, high quality and reliable automatic satellite systems for the leisure market (caravans and motorhomes).

With determination, enthousiasm and more than 20 years experience as a project manager for different mechanical and electronical products, Mr Santoli set himself the objective of producing high quality systems, made in Europe, at competitive prices.

With this goal in mind, SR Mecatronic decided to put quality first and selected the best possible components and suppliers in Europe.

The components themselves are over-engineerd for the purpose they are used for and are supported by the latest hardware and software technology.

SR Mecatronic has at its disposal sophisticated measuring equipment to perform all the tests necessary (before-, during- and after production) to meet the highest quality standards.

Because of this objective and the constant search for innovation, SR Mecatronic has succeeded in offering a range of high quality- and very durable automatic satellite systems for the most demanding customer.

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